Dessau Diamond Tools - Carbide Knives and Blades

Shaped Chisel Tool


Accurate profile tools with precision lapped radii for dressing precision shapes and contours.

We select only the finest standard and gem quality maacle diamonds available to suite any application. Each tool has two usable cutting edges which offer an excellent price to performance ratio. To ensure maximum tool life, always order the largest angle and radius possible.

Radii available:

0.002" - 0.040"

(0.05mm - 1mm)


Profile angles available:

30� - 90� Incl.


Chisel Tools: Studer, Toyoda, Mitsubishi, Diaform

Note: Chisel tools are recommended for profile dressing wheels 400mm and smaller. If dressing wheels larger than 400mm in diameter, please consider Dessau MCD or Dressing Blades.