Dessau Diamond Tools - Carbide Inlay Bottom Bands

Carbide Inlay Bottom Bands

• Carbide Inlay Bottom Bands from Dessau, offer longer run times between blade changeout, superior cut quality, surface finish and minimal wear on the top slitter blades.

• Just the right balance of Cobalt and Tungsten in bottom bands results in blades that are safe to run at any speed while still maximizing the amount of time between sharpening.

• Internal tolerances of bands are tighter than actual machine OEM tolerances to maintain a consistent nip point which guarantees a superior cut quality.

• Uniquely designed locking device secures carbide inlay ring to carrier metal preventing rings from coming apart at any speed.

• We custom manufacture according to you specific needs with single or double cutting edges.

• Exceptional finished cutting edges with a mirror finish reduce friction between bottom band and top slitter ensuing reduced blade wear and prolonged run times.

• Optional “Roll Saver” Carriers available to help protect roll. This feature also helps eliminate sheet marking and protects the bottom band from damage when top slitters jump their track.