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Rotating the single point dresser is important to reduce wear, maintain a sharp point, and minimize thermal buildup. For years this has meant routinely loosening setscrews, re-indicating the shaft 20� to 40�, and then re-tightening the setscrews. Costs increased with every minute of downtime, and wear became uneven as the amount of rotation varied with each machine operator.

Dessau addressed these problems. After a five year research and development program, the company introduced - an innovative design for single point dressers.

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Micro Rotahead

Its advantages are many:

Longer tool life - ease of use encourages more frequent rotation, producing more even wear and longer life

Studier design - it withstands 2 to 3 times more torque than other single point dressers, and eliminates excess vibration and chatter.

Brass head reduces heat buildup - diamond life increased over conventional steel tools.

Dessau Rotahead

Mini Rotahead
Mid-Sized Rotahead
Type L
Type L Rotahead

This tool is recommended for straight dressing all types of grinding wheels where the diamond approaches the wheel at an angle. (Diamond point can be natural or coned w/radius)

The turntable brass allows the diamond to be rotated without moving the tool in the holder. No re-indicating, less downtime, increased productivity and tool life.

Rotaheads can be modified to customer specifications.